Classes & Regulations


Formula Future (junior)


Formula Future (junior) as per APBA group 1600 rules.  J3 class Drivers in this class must be aged between twelve and sixteen years and must hold a current state authority boating licence.  Drivers and boat owners must be a financial member of a member club (join the VOC!).  Boat must be minimum length of 2.5 meters in length, the design of the boat is unrestricted. The power of the motor is limited to 15HP and can not be modified in anyway. Fuel must be commercially available unleaded fuel.

25 HP

25 HP as per rule 1202.62, Open Hull Classes, Hull must be a minimum length of 3.35 Meters.  25HP class- motors up to 25HP manufactures rating and can not be modified in any way with the exception of a nose cone and choice of propeller.  The motor must meet all requirements as per APBA rules 1203.20  Standard Factory Motors.

1800cc Super Sports Mono

1800cc Super Sports Mono.  Hull length must be a minimum of 4.0 meters.  This class is limited by capacity only.

2000cc Super Stock Mono

2000cc Super Stock Mono. Hull length must be a minum of 5 meters.  Motors must be factory steel sleeve, carburettor, mass production power heads (No HP or special production power heads allowed).  Center sections are unlimited and gearboxs must be through hub exhaust type.

Sports Mono

A recently new class to the APBA, the sports mono class is aimed at any mono or Mod VP hull powered by a factory mass produced engine with factory induction and through hub type gear box.  This is class is perfect for the ski/race boat, aimed at set ups like a 200HP 1750 bullet.

Unlimited Tunnel

Unlimited Tunnel.  Boats must be a minimum length of 5 meters, motors are not limited by capacity.